The Most Amazing Digital Marketing Tools for Better Strategy

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December 25, 2018
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December 25, 2018

The Most Amazing Digital Marketing Tools for Better Strategy

Digital marketing

Searching around for some quick and easy to adapt tools that can help you gain leads? We are sure you are going to get plenty of them. However, these tools can work for your good but one thing which you may have on the stake is your personal business information. Though you may find some interesting and hands-on tools for you, you may easily get into the trap of sharing your private information. At that time, you are completely unaware of the idea that you may become an easy target for sales ads and massive spams. So, we tried to bring you some easy and effective tools that can help you strengthen your business game without any compromises to security.


The digital marketing world is actually all about the virtual environment where every single decision and strategy is built across a shared network of people. This is why it becomes crucial to have complete detail of project management just a click away from you. Trello offers a great user interface which is very easy to navigate. It lets you explore through the project board where you can set multiple cards defining the list of tasks that need to be accomplished at each card or stage of the project. Though you can go for premium features if necessary, it’s free version has almost everything required for management and collaboration data maintenance.

Some of its features can be listed as:

  • Quick and easy management of tasks with third-party app integration for cards
    Customize tags and labels for tasks
  • Defined charts for a progress check and easy drag/drop assistance
  • Advanced data filtering with reminders for deadlines.
  • Easy uploads, notifications for emails, check on activity log and secure SSL encryption

So if you are looking for something that can help you work for some effectual digital marketing tasks and projects, Trello is a perfect option.


Your website is the window to your business which means you can never risk the idea of measuring your website for keeping a check on user interaction. Smylelytics is an advanced website monitoring tool which lets you measure your business performance for online goals.

It actually allows the users to track website traffic reports by presenting the data in an easy to translate the language. It brings custom photos instead of numerically interpreted charts to get insight into your website performance.

Here we have a list of its key features which you may find interesting to work with its bi-monthly reports:

  • Easy data translation for analytics which includes reach, visits, session detail with pages, bounce rate, conversion and time spent on the website.
  • This tool can actually help you know whether your website is improving, steady or running low on user experience as it brings images with indication for good, bad and poor website.
  • It gets you two reports in a month which are not only easy to interpret but also fun to read.
  • It has been designed to create interactive engagement and therefore it offers eight themes for personalization.

So if you are done with your website development, account details for analytics and a personal email account to get the reports delivered.

Hubspot CRM

The most significant part of running every successful business is to get your customers to feel satisfied. This is why Market is flooded with a large number of CRM software available. Hubspot helps you keep track of sales and organization of data very easily. It can be of great help to get an eye over contracts, clients, prospects, employees and every single detail related to leads and wins.

Some of its core features that can be of great advantage to your business can be listed as:

  • It lets you set a custom view so that you can organize the reports your way.
  • Deal and task boards to help you get an account of wins, loses and goal completion.
  • Easy drag/drop communication option with integration options.
  • Easy to interpret database for customer and prospect management.
  • Tracking the business emails with template designing, tracking, and message or report scheduling.

Moreover, it has a beautiful interface designed to make users feel convenient with the first use. It also lets you import and export details of contact for easy sharing and reducing load over the updating process.


Though most of the people are not so concerned about the mail marketing as a part of digital marketing strategy, one the biggest share to ROI is done through the email marketing. This is because of the reason people do not hesitate to share their email address as compared to their contact details like the phone number.

MailChimp helps to make it a very effective process to work on the marketing process with a very cost friendly plan. It is more than just a campaign building tool as it let you target for 12000 emails in a month with a forever free plan that also includes subscriber list of 2000 people.

Some of its significant features are written below:

  • Easy designing of emails with quick image uploading features.
  • Massive media storage facility with multiple templates for email design.
  • Easy segmentation with sign up options through forms.
  • Auto-responders for easy management along with drip campaigns.
  • A/B testing and analytics information like clicks, CTR, etc.
  • Subscriber information, send time details, and integration for analytics and social media.

Moz Local

Every business no matter which country it belongs to need to reach for the data aggregators in order to get maximum business authenticity, Moz Local is a perfectly designed tool developed for working on a digital marketing strategy that can help thrive their business to establish a competitive position in their niche.

This tool can help you know about your business presence over the web. In case you have any kind of wrong information or website listing that is not correct, it can help you get insight and highlights for them.

It has so many free to access provisions include:

  • Need for changes related to on page and off page optimization
  • Analysis of the competitor’s website and website crawl related information.
  • Tracking the rank along with keyword analysis over the competition.
  • It lets you know about all the backlinks and outbound links.

So, if you want your business to stand apart in your industry and over the internet, Moz Local is a perfect tool to opt for either you are new or experienced enough to deal with SEO.


Social media as a part of marketing strategy is a need of time. If your business needs to have a unique presence over major social media handles like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter you may require a lot of time to brainstorm for writing, publishing, and scheduling posts.

Hootsuite is a perfect tool for managing the multiple social media handles to align with your digital marketing strategy. It lets you get a tour through the entire tool for easy use with navigation. Though there are many features that can only be used after paying for them, it has so many capabilities that can help you promote your business over social media.

  • Quick posts over social media websites.
  • Scheduling of posts and monitoring.
  • Like, comment and share within the dashboard
  • Analytical options and integrating with third-party apps.

G suite

G suite is a perfect work tool which actually runs on the cloud-based platform. It is a simple and productive tool that can be easily collaborated with Microsoft office 365 that can make the work process very simple.

Some of the products which you can get with G suite include:

  • Storage options with google drive
  • Word processing with google docs
  • Spreadsheets with Google sheets
  • Presentation creation with google slides
  • Google calendar
  • Gmail connectivity
  • Survey and analysis with google forms

It is a perfect tool for tracking of revision and easy go to save feature. It lets you invite collaborators to your file which means more than one people can work on the same project at the same time.

All you need is an internet connection for easy access the files, Editing them, uploading or downloading them. All the files created on G suite are saved on google drive with 15 GB of the storage facility. The best part of using the G suite is the options like paid storage upgrade and uploading of files with a size of up to 5 TB.

The Final Words

Establishing a command over a business is not easy when you have multiple competitors who are continuously working to increase their business reach. But having these tools can be of great advantage to give them a tough fight and even overtaking them with wise use. Some of the additional tools which you can use to foster your digital marketing agenda are to use review manager like Whitespark review handout generator for review, finding most relevant blog topics for business exposure like answer the public and easy proofreading for any grammar errors and copywriting issues using Grammarly. So, if you want your business to run perfectly, all you need is a blend of these tools with experienced use of features because they all have the potential to make you stand at another level.

All the best!