8 Steps to Improve LinkedIn Lead Generation Ads

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8 Steps to Improve LinkedIn Lead Generation Ads

LinkedIn is the best service to establish and build your real-world professional relationships. LinkedIn allows its members to create their profiles and connections to each other through social networks. LinkedIn members can invite anyone to establish a connection.

Basically, LinkedIn helps to build and enhance your personal brand, establish your expertise, sourcing, and hiring for candidates, sharing your knowledge, blogging and posting updates that are all relevant to your profile and so on.

Now let us discuss the Lead generation and how it will impact your business as well. Lead generation is nothing but the action or process of recognizing and nurturing your potential customers for your business’s product/service. Lead generation can be initiated online through some sponsored posts. When we compare with other social media sponsored posts, LinkedIn sponsored posts may vary in an enormous way.

The target or motive of your ads may differ but the action for the LinkedIn ads is a little bit easy and user-friendly. If you are giving any call-to-action advertisement in LinkedIn, then if any audience ready to move with your advertisement, once after they click the call-to-action button all the information of the audience may get filled automatically. And the audience only needs to confirm it. This way could reach your advertisement in a better way to reach.

With this basic interesting option of LinkedIn advertisement let us move with the steps to improve LinkedIn lead generation ads.

Step #1 set your advertisement’s clear goal

If you are deciding to run a campaign on LinkedIn, set your advertisement goal properly. Whether you are going to sell your product, or you need the audience to apply for the event that will be organized by you or anything.

The advertisement goal can be captured based on your needs. Once your goal setting is getting completed, then create your campaign in a way that will be very attractive to the audience.
Never directly sell your products or show you need to the audience. Instead of that bind yourself and the audience through your advertisement.

Based on the research of your market, generate real effective content for the audience. It will make magic in your advertisement.

Step #2 Choose to target audience options effectively

When crossing the ad strategy options on LinkedIn, It is important to build a proper audience list with the specific analysis that who are all the specific and targeted audience that your advertisement wants.

When it comes to targeting audience options, LinkedIn consists of a pure segmented audience list. In such cases, you can select your options effectively. It is not possible in other social media audience list. LinkedIn offers advertisers multiple ways to create a segmented audience list based on the job title, company size, and location, job field you can select your proper audience list.

Step #3 Identify the best ad platform for your campaign

After fixing your targeting options effectively, review various advertising options available on LinkedIn. In that, you can find which type of ad will be helpful to achieve your goals. There are some top advertising options available on LinkedIn,

  • Sponsored Content
  • Text Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Sponsored Emails
  • Dynamic Ads

All the above-mentioned advertising options have their objectives. Sponsored content is used to aim to promote, blog, article content, news, and your landing website. Text Ads are used to serve similar functions. Carousel ads are the combination of video and text into a single ad. Sponsored Emails are used to share your promotion type email to the outside of your contacts. Dynamic Ads are used to encourage potential employees to connect with your brand. Likewise, each ad format has its objective. From this, you select the best ad platform which will suit your campaign.

As well if you want to generate more leads, you can use sponsored Inmail. This can be helpful to drive conversions with targeted products/services. Sponsored Inmail sends the messages to the targeted audience directly.

LinkedIn Ads

In this screenshot, you can see how your mail content will be visible to the audience. Sponsored Inmail creates well-visualized content directly to the targeted audience.

Step #4: Set your budget:

Before moving with a budget, know what types of budget are available on LinkedIn. There are 3 options such as Cost per Click (CPC), Cost Per Impression (CPM), Cost Per Send (CPS) / suits for sponsored Inmail.

If you are going to do brand awareness then it will be best to choose CPM. In our scenario we are going to generate leads through LinkedIn ads, then CPC is the best option for you. Here you can enter the suggested bid, daily budget, when to start and when to end and total budget. If you are unhappy with the campaign conversion, never hesitate to use the auction system to stop bidding. And then you can use some other tactics to your advertisement base. Maybe it will reach your product/service is a great way.

Step #5 Develop high-quality images to your ads

The images which you are going to give for ad campaign should speak all about your brand/product as well as your goal. Develop eye-catchy high-quality images and make them pop up on the targeted audience’s view. Place the user-friendly call to action button and make it visible to the audience.

You could never believe that connecting both high-quality images and sponsored content will create the magic on your LinkedIn ad.

Step #6 Enlarge clear conversion funnel

Like as a regular conversion sales funnel to attract the community, engage with them, educate them, convert them, and re-engage them, travel the same with little bit enlargement. It can be done through that make sure your ads lead to relevant to your landing pages with lead generation opportunities. Check whether your landing website consists of sign-up boxes, contact form and so on. If it does not meet the level of expectations then try to improve your landing website in a way that should help to improve your ads lead generation also.

Developing a clear conversion funnel for lead generation shows you the level of LinkedIn ads lead generation.

Step #7: Monitor your ads

Once all set to your ad campaign on LinkedIn, then never forget to monitor your ads. Track your ads through campaign manager and check whether it is in your expectation or not. Also, you can use conversion tracking to assess the lead generation. And you can optimize your ad campaigns.

Normally all the previous steps help you to create the best lead generation ads. It has been assessed that the LinkedIn lead conversion rate is 3 times more than other platforms. By using this multi facilities social platform, you can plan your ads and monitor your ads and also you can target your potential audience.

Step #8: Integrate your Lead generation campaign and CRM

LinkedIn allows you to integrate your lead generation campaign and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) mutually. Instead of exporting the lead details manually you can connect your CRM with lead generation campaign.

So, if anyone responds to your campaign then their details can be attached to your CRM. So that you can maintain the proper follow up with the ad generated leads.

This kind of process can help you to save time as well as it will maintain the nurturing follow up.

Wrapping up:

As a goal-oriented business professional, LinkedIn user, approach your LinkedIn ads with the same planning and steps. You can get benefits that value with your desired efforts.

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