What is Conversion Rate Optimization and it’s Benefits?

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What is Conversion Rate Optimization and it’s Benefits?

conversion rate optimization

Conversion rate optimization is a type of market optimization that follows a framework to enhance the number of visitors who completes a site’s goal.

This process analyses the behavior of visitors and also sheds light on what motivates a specific market category to engage in a particular way with marketing elements.

Conversion rate optimization focuses on persuading your web page visitors to take the action you desire them to take on in a campaign or on a website.

The conversion rate optimization process involves these factors at a very high level.

  • Performing hubristic analysis to collect data about the broken areas of your web page.
  • Performing qualitative and quantitative research to fetch data about the broken areas of your website.
  • Doing a competitive analysis to find out how the contenders’ websites are functioning.
  • Determining and prioritizing problem areas on a web page.
  • Developing a conversion roadmap for your web page.
  • Developing a testing hypothesis.
  • Developing new designs on the basis of the testing hypothesis.
  • Conducting multivariate testing or AB testing.
  • Analyzing or scrutinizing the testing results.

What is Conversion Testing: It is the method of conducting a multivariate test or A/B test to boost the conversion rate. It is an iterative process by nature and it helps you make assumptions about the visitors of your website. Now, testing or analyzing these assumptions will help you understand the market and thus, alter your web page accordingly. This process makes you respond to the market in an effective manner.

How does it work: CRO is a long term process, it achieves repeatable, sustainable, and consistent enhancement on conversion rate through thorough research, tests, and analysis of visitors’ behavior on your website. If the CRO programme is good, it is bound to increase the revenue of your website every month. This, in the long run, generates the cumulative annual growth of your website.

CRO as a new mindset: If you think you already know everything about your visitors’ behavior, then maybe CRO is not your cup of tea. Also, it is not for you if you don’t decide on the right expectations. Just by changing the color of a button you won’t receive more orders right away. It doesn’t work like this.

Then how does it work? Well, as you depend on the PPC, SEO, social media campaigns and email campaigns to fetch more visitors to your site, conversion rate optimization programme analyses, measures and optimizes this flow of traffic. Conversion rate optimization is a cumulative feature for your entire market strategy.

Now let’s focus on some distinct areas to give you a clarified idea about CRO.

What CRO is

A. It is a system to enhance the percentage of visitors who perform the desired action on a webpage.

B. It solely focuses on results and fully driven by data.

C. It is a new mindset and a long-term commitment.

D. CRO is a way through which you gather more information about your visitors and potential customers.

E. CRO programming is typically based on measurement, research, and analysis.

What CRO is not

A. CRO is not a vague and tentative process. It is driven by logical and numerical explanations.

B. It is no magic that you expect it to work for your interest overnight. You have to patient with CRO programme’s performance.

C. Setting the right expectations is a must if you resort to conversion rate optimization.

Now let’s discuss the ways conversion rate optimization benefits SEO.

CRO have specific benefits for SEO, even though it is not directly responsible for drawing organic traffic for website or ranking on a search engine results page.

How CRO benefits SEO

  • Sheds light on customer insight: This process helps you understand your customers in a better way. Guides you to find out the exact language through which you should communicate with them. CRO pick out the right customers. It is worth acquiring a handful of genuine visitors than clogging your page with a bunch of unnecessary curious netizens.
  • Better scalability and ROI: CRO helps your business growth unhindered, without exhausting your prospective customers and resources. If you have a high conversion rate, then you can make the best of the resources you have. By researching how to get the most of your researching efforts, you will receive more conversions.
  • Improves trust with customers: If you are seeking information about your customers’ email, credit card, phone number or any other sort of personal details, then you have won their trust first. CRO assist you in making your site professional, genuine, courteous and always upright to answer any query set by your customers.
  • Better experience for visitors: It is your duty to make your clients feel smart, simple yet sophisticated on your web page, otherwise they will not stick around. CRO researches what works best on your site and thus, guides you with ideas to expand on the broken areas and expand on the sectors with a promising future for your brand.

The Route to Successful Conversion Rate Optimization:- For this, you need to focus on the basics. What to optimize in your site, which customers will it cater to. If you set criteria right, then you are on the right track to ensure a successful CRO process. Driven by gut feeling will not bring in any positive result for you and making changes on your web page just on the basis of mere assumptions will only waste your time and money.

Go the analytical way: Both quantitative and qualitative types of research give you insight about the following.

  • How do visitors enter your site
  • What are features they make them stick to it and how do they spend time on your site.
  • Who are your customers, which age group, area, and background do they belong to.
  • What browsers do they use.
  • What are the factors that make your customers leave your site.

Conclusion: CRO is a systematic method to focus on your site’s need. Efforts without a specific goal will not generate the desired results for your site. In order to get the largest impact, you need to set evaluating, methodical and research-based goals.