Website Traffic Boosting: SEO vs Paid Advertising (PPC)

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Website Traffic Boosting: SEO vs Paid Advertising (PPC)

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Either you are a part of a small business or global organization, it is essential to boost the traffic on your website for improving the sales. This is the reason for which every online business craves for a strategy that can help it get people to locate their website and reach them to get the services. However, the task could be completed in two ways i.e. search engine optimization (SEO) and paid advertising (popularly known as PPC).

There are so many ways in which you can approach the paid marketing strategy such as AdWords by google, yahoo marketing, and Bing ads and so on. All these search engine advertising programs place your business ad in the sponsored results of SERPs. They allow you to market on your chosen keyword and the fees are decided for that particular keyword on the basis of competition. This is actually quite simple as you will be charged for every click made by a user to reach your website.

A very active alternative could be targeting for better ranking in organic search results. But this strategy needs you to emphasize strong SEO tactics that could help you display your business more often with dominating impressions. Though this technique may take some time to make your business visible in top search results, it lets you get good traffic on your website without spending even a single penny.

However, the decision to find the best approach depends entirely on your budget and your sales requirements. If you have enough budget and you need better traffic at a faster pace you can simply go for PPC. Otherwise, you can target for natural search results by investing your time in enhanced SEO practice. We bring you a list of three factors that can help you find the best option for your business website either it is SEO or PPC.

Measuring Your Budget

The first factor which can let you Distinguish between your needs of SEO or PPC is the amount of money which you have for your advertising goals. The best part of choosing PPC is it lets you advertise your business even with lowest spending limit you have which means you can set your advertising goals with daily expenses of 5 to $10. In case you’re running short on money you can simply switch for free techniques of SEO. But even the smallest budget invested in PPC could let you can cover a lot of benefits.

  • Faster conversions: When you think of establishing an online business website the primary goal behind the idea is to see seek conversions either it is sales, signups, subscriptions, or any other goal. With SEO you may need to test all the variables that can help you achieve such conversion goals while PPC lets you immediately buy the qualified traffic that can help you attain your targets faster.
  • No Algorithms Errors: One of the major issues which you might face with SEO is the continuous updates in Google algorithms which might need you to recheck your website so that it can be optimized for preventing drop on rankings, else you may lose your position on SERPS within a few hours. However, with PPC, you are paying for the traffic and it does not have anything to do with algorithm updates or any changes made by the search engines.

PPC also lets you track your conversion goals and traffic improvements with a learning curve. All you need to do is design a campaign and link it to your Google analytics account. It can help you get an idea of the profits or loss after PPC with respect to your revenue goals.

Insights to Average CPCs

Even though deciding your budget for advertising is very important, one thing which you must necessarily keep in mind is to have an idea of money which people in your niche are paying to show on the search engine results.

However PPC programs let you decide the amount of money which you want to spend over a single click for your targeted keyword, the amount of money over a single click can vary depending upon the area of target and competition. Suppose you want to target for a keyword “implant dentist near me” it may get you to pay an amount of $1.46 depending upon the area of advertising and traffic on the keyword.

Also, the cost for a single click may reach for more than $20 especially when you are targeting for an area that has huge industry competition and heavy traffic on the keyword. In such situation, the best thing you can try to work is to improve on your website and practices for Best SEO tactics that can help you get the attention of the users for improved sales and website traffic.

Competition over SERPs

Last but the very significant factor which can interest any business planning for an online advertising strategy is the competitiveness over the search engine result pages particularly for your choice of keywords. So to draw the amount of struggle, the competition can be easily located by entering the targeted keyword in the Google keyword research tool. This will let you know about competition, the number of people competing over a single keyword plus the average amount or cost which you need to pay for a click on targeted keyword ad.

If you are a part of an industry which involves heavy competition, the search results pages are dominated by only those businesses which have high authority websites. This simply means you cannot display the giants on the top of search results without a wise and strategized investment of money and time. In such a case, the idea of spending money on paid advertising campaigns actually makes sense to your revenue goals.

The Final Words

But one thing which you must always keep in the notice is that it is never a choice to plan solely for PPC ad campaigns or SEO. Because SEO lets you work on natural tactics to improve your traffic, sales, user targeting, and conversions goals while PPC lets you advertise your business more efficiently. So when you are in dilemma to find the best agenda that can help you boost your website traffic and revenue goals to increase ROI, try to find a plan which can let you attain a balance between PPC and SEO to give a harder hit for powerful results.