Understanding the Google Algorithms: Climbing Seven Rocks to Improved SEO

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December 30, 2018
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Understanding the Google Algorithms: Climbing Seven Rocks to Improved SEO

Here we bring you the 7 algorithms worked by Google with little insight to their trigger points as well as the tips to work according to them for improved website performance.

#1: Google Panda
#2: Google Penguin
#3: Google Pigeon
#4: Google Hummingbird
#5: Google Payday Loan
#6: Google Mobilegeddon
#7: Google Fred

Today every business is working to gain the perfect exposure with the help of SEO either it is about clicks on a website, calls for business, direction requests, or driving revenues. In this race to reach the top of SERPs, most of the people unaware of what is right and wrong get themselves involved in bad SEO.

It is actually all about the moves which make your business show up with immediate results but only for a short span of time.

Though some people associated with digital marketing may call them experts, the actual command is completely into the hands of Google. Google always tries to enroll changes that can even help a small and low ranked business to reach the top of searches. These changes are more popularly recognized as Google algorithms which always aim for quality first factor. It can be times you may encounter a drop in rankings but that’s only because you have run through errors which have made the Google’s beast take on you.

Google Panda

This is the first and the most significant of the Google algorithms that can strike your website for keeping a check on the content’s quality. This simply means your website with relevant and good content can be the reason for your ranking at the top position. So let’s just quickly get to the conditions which can annoy google panda.

First of all, it should be the website with the relevant amount of content. It should not be too thick to explain the scenario and never to thin to miss the point. It should contain the exact and precise answers for every query raised by the users.

Moreover, your website must only contain the content which has great use of grammar and no doubts to the information shared. Also, the content must never be untrustworthy or harmful to anyone’s tolerance. The panda can let you permit with use of the images and video links but copying or duplication of content is something that panda could never bear.

In case, you are blogging on your website or working to get some beneficial links for your business, you should never indulge in content copying or spinning of the articles.

So, if you are confirmed about the fact that your website is ranking low because of the panda attack, then it is the time to focus and work on the content. You should overhaul all the pages that are required to be modified for content and anything that is offending the audience as well as google panda.

Google Penguin

The another Google’s monster that hunts for the websites with bad SEO practices is google penguin which keeps on evaluating all the website for their link efficiency.

If you have your backlinks that are contextually placed to your website’s linked pages with surrounding content related to your business or you have links coming or pointing from relevant and trustful sources such as various good ranked domains than you are on right path to seek a positive response from penguin on backlinks.

On the other hand, if your business website has got links from shady sources or has some unnatural links, then penguin would poke you to purge those links. Some of the significant reasons for which penguin can get furious on your business include buying the links, missing of anchor text, irrelevant and low-quality links, and most significantly the use of keywords which means keyword stuffing into the links as well as the pages which have a lot of meaningless sentences.

If you have a website that has chances of being attacked by penguin, it means you should dig through all of them using tools that can help check the quality of links. When informed about all the links that are bad for you, make sure you remove them immediately.

You can try to remove those links manually or hiring an expert or take the advantage of Google disavow tool. Also, any extra use of keywords on your website must be removed to make your website look completely natural all over the web.

Moreover, you can use various paid and free tools to check the percentage of content on the website which is actually the keywords.

Google Pigeon

Now, this is something which would be of great concern to those associated with local SEO. Google pigeon has got all the factors in its count for local SEO and it was actually created with a concept to target the local search instead of the traditional search. It was created to make the search better and ideal to user intent. The results of creating this algorithm were a more relevant determination of rankings which is based on users distance from business and area of search. This simply means showing those businesses at the top which are closer to the user’s location.

Though you may not shift your business closer to reach every single user, there are so many things that you can work to make your website appear higher on search.

You can keep your focus high on creating quality content with the right use of keywords with use of targeted location along with some mobile optimization and creating reputable links.

Some additional moves which you can try to work are optimized your online presence according to the local search algorithm. You can try to include text, video and image data associated with your business location. Also, you can aim to establish better listing for GMB and directories.

Moreover, your citations should have a NAP consistency with use of positive reviews and testimonials included on your website. Last but not least, make sure you target it high when it comes to upgrading your web pages for better-structured data use.

Google Hummingbird

Google Hummingbird is not designed to function like penguin or panda, as it has nothing to do with the way that how a website is ranked? Hummingbird is designed to make the search better which is interpreting the intention of the user who has searched for a particular query.

This algorithm helps the user to reach the website or business or web page which is most closely related to the intention of the search. So, if you are working on the keywords, hummingbird takes account of the context in which keywords are used on a web page.

Now you must be wondering about the things which should be targeted to keep the hummingbird happy for your benefits. Certain things which you can work for meeting the standards of Google hummingbird is to understand what users want when they make a search. It is very easy to reach when the queries targeted are made in form of questions.

In that case, you can simply provide a generous answer with the right use of language and including contextual words in the most relevant way.

It is all about the research which you make on subject in order to include accurate vocabulary. Some entrepreneurs may get the idea of answering queries to use some extra intellectual language but that can completely confuse the user, so what google wants you to be is to stay short, accurate, and easy.

A great way to find the keywords or queries that users intent more frequently include blogs, social media, Q & A platform like Quora, forums etc. Also, you can take benefit of keyword finding tools along with Google search suggestions to make your content more user-oriented. Basically, the term which can make you get a better picture of the optimized search is to use semantic search phrases and words.

Google Payday Loan

Google payday loan enrolled in the year 2013 and it shares some features with penguin and panda. It was featured with an idea to drain off the websites which feature casinos, high-interest loan business, and porn content. It was meant to keep track of website with high-risk SEO practices while bringing the websites higher on search results which have no spam technique used on their website.

The easiest way to prevent google payday loan to avoid blacklisting your business is to avoid black hat SEO and any spammy way to trigger your search rank.

Google Mobilegeddon

Though the name of this Google algorithm sounds little scary, it is about checking the mobile-friendliness of your website. This shows up after the Google’s concern on mobile search rank which keeps a check for user experience and quality of website when viewed on small screen.

This algorithm was introduced when the idea of searching the web becomes more confined to mobile devices I.e. the mobile-first world. It was introduced in the year 2015 with a separate index created to list the website that is mobile friendly.

It showed the value for Google when in 2018, the websites that prepared for the algorithm were added to the index. So, this update needs you to work on the website to check it’s compatibility on mobile devices to create a user oriented website experience.

Some of the factors which must be reached to make a mobile-oriented website include responsive design with automatic screen adjustment to any device, use of better font size, no content which is unplayable, no intrusive pop-ups (easy to close if present), good use of space on interactive elements like checkbox, buttons, like page etc.

Also, you must work to make your single website a perfect option for users rather than having a separate mobile version, in case you have a separate website, they must be linked properly.

Also, your website on mobile should never be lagging to load because it may ruin the user experience. This can be worked by optimizing the image data and no excessive use of coding (designing AMP pages with no JavaScript to slow down your website).

Google Fred

Fred is meant to all those updates which are made from time to time, though it included so many different updates that caused huge trouble to the giants as well, we will better keep this to Fred. Fred was launched because of the need to find the common reasons which could make a website go down on rankings.

Some of the reasons for which a website could trigger google Fred include an aggressive display of ads done with a motive to seek revenues and guiding the users to those websites which are more relevant rather than those which have any low valued content on them.

Also, Fred is concerned with the massive pop-ups that cover the entire website and trouble user to get rid of them which can reduce the navigation difficulty and deliver low-quality user experience.

So, if you want your website to avoid coming under the Google penalty charges, all you need to do is to aim at the things which make your website lose the traffic. You should have a good combination of content and UI that can actually make you lead the competition. With each and every update made to Fred, Google tries to aim higher on improving the user experience and delivering the most relevant solutions to anyone who raises queries. So, it is completely on you that you make your website a perfect option that Google could feature on the top.

The Google webmasters always try to bring that website on top which has relevance to content, intended to help, quick user assistance, and all the factors that satisfy the function of Google algorithms.

Therefore, If you want to stay in the list of those lucky websites which are displayed on the top of SERP, make sure you be a friend to above 7 google beasts.

All the best!!