Important SEO Ranking Factors that Matter in 2019!

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Important SEO Ranking Factors that Matter in 2019!

SEO Ranking Factor 2019

The new year is only a few weeks old, but the net is haunting in terms of the ranking factors that are extremely important for the SEO industry in 2019. But for Google, the turn of the year, unlike most companies, little importance.

One of the world’s best-kept secrets, the Google algorithm, is constantly being developed by the Internet giant. So that companies can occupy a strong position in organic search at Google, therefore, Search Engine Optimization (SE0) is of great importance, which is based on current findings. But what does modern SEO expert require?

A Dynamic Development

While in previous years, some ranking factors were largely responsible for positioning in search results, the development and evaluation of pages have become much more complex today. Backlinks, for example, have been the nuts and bolts of many years to position themselves on Google.

Backlinks enjoy quite a reason to exist today and certainly have an influence on the ranking, but it is not just the number of backlinks that determines the ranking.

Rather, the positioning is based on a dynamic process: not one or two ranking factors determine the position on Google, but far more than 200 factors play an important role. Online marketing or its discipline SEO expert is also faced with quite different challenges.

Of course, there are still some factors that are ranked high for ranking and should be considered by responsible SEOs or webmasters. Which are exactly that, cannot be said of course due to the permanent development of the Google algorithm and the associated secrecy on the part of Google.

Nevertheless, there is one or two strong pointers, a study or simply empirical values that allow compiling the most important ranking factors for the year 2019.

Infographic the most important ranking factors in 2019. According to the SEMrush study, these are the most important ranking factors for 2019.


The SEO tool provider SEMrush has recorded results in a recent study to determine the most important ranking factors in 2019. At least 600,000 keywords were examined for the study and the first 100 positions were analyzed on Google for each keyword. The result was that user signals probably have to be considered the most important ranking factor. These include, among others:

  • Click Through Rate
  • Abbreviated CTR
  • Bounce rate
  • Dwell time on a page

At first glance, this seems logical, because pages with a high number of interactions, visits or long dwellings have to have something user-relevant according to the simplest theory. In general, this should be content with interesting and informative added value. But it is certainly not that easy.

Because in the Google ranking, of course, many other factors, even if strong content is undoubtedly one of the most important categories. For example, the way in which users access a page is of considerable importance if the study is to be believed.

For example, the SEMrush study concludes that the most important user signal is the way a page is viewed by the visitor Direct website visits are considered the most valuable. If users enter the website URL directly in the browser without having to navigate there via a keyword in a search engine, this will greatly strengthen the website they are visiting. This finally indicates a high personal recommendation rate.

Of course, whoever chooses a website directly has, in most cases, made positive personal experiences with it or has already come into contact with the company or brand behind it Active branding – positioning a brand with positive recognition – is, therefore, one of the most important prerequisites for obtaining positive user signals – apart from other factors such as intuitive web design and other on-page factors that directly influence user signals.

Backlinks and privacy

The importance of backlinks is one of the most controversial subject areas in the SEO scene. From backlink supporters to backlink refusers, pretty much every opinion is represented in persona. However, referring to the results of the SEMrush study, it gives a relatively clear result regarding the backlinks. In a sense, none of the extreme positions is confirmed, because: The importance of backlinks has been decreasing for years. Other ranking factors have long outstripped the importance of backlinks.

However, before the backlink critics cheer too soon, it should be noted that, according to the study, backlinks are no longer the most important, but still have a relatively large impact on the positioning of a page, and are therefore sty among the most important ranking factors in 2019.

However, it should be noted that Google is most likely no longer concerned primarily with the quality and quantity of backlinks, but rather with what traffic a link generates. This point is also due to user signals at the end. As a rule, high traffic also correlates with positive user signals.

Another and extremely important, but often underestimated or ignored ranking factor is the security of a page. In times of digital data theft, virus epidemics and cybercrime usually every user wants to have the assurance that his personal data, for example when processing payments on the Internet, are protected.

The results of the SEMrush study even state that the safety factor is more important than the content of the page. In view of the fact that even the best content brings no advantage to the user, if after visiting a website harmful viruses or the like can be found on the computer or smartphone, this tendency towards more data security is certainly understandable.

The factor security should, therefore, be at the forefront of every website. SSL encryption is one of the basic protection mechanisms that every webmaster should implement. Anyone who does not value security enough, or even completely ignores it, should not be surprised if Google penalizes its page in the ranking or in the worst case completely removes it from the index.

The most important ranking factors 2019 at a glance Google’s algorithm is constantly changing, as is the entire SEO scene. The importance of previously important factors decreases, new ranking factors conquer the field, while others retain their importance. If you look at the results of the SEMrush study, the following ranking factors, summarized and descending according to their supposed relevance, are the most important ones for the year 2019:

  • User Signals / Social Signals
  • Backlinks
  • Security and privacy
  • High-quality content
  • Branding or brand awareness
  • Technical components of the site like a responsive web design

In a conjecture, however, it should be noted that in the future it will hardly be possible to name the one central ranking factor. Because Google repeatedly points out that it depends on the search query, which ranking factors more, which are less weighted.

That’s why, in the end, it will always take a capable SEO expert to be successful in the long term and sustainably on the Internet.

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