25 Simplest and Convenient SEO Tools for Enhanced Marketing Efforts

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December 31, 2018
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January 10, 2019

25 Simplest and Convenient SEO Tools for Enhanced Marketing Efforts

Marketing Efforts

Think of building a treehouse in your backyard, there are a set of defined tools which are required to complete that task. Now, consider you hire a plumber who comes to fix your water fitting but do not has the right wrench, would he be able to work on it? No. In a similar manner, when you have are up for a big size digital marketing plan for your business, you need all the essential tools that can make it look easy yet effective.

In short, when you are planning for a smart and quick marketing plan, you need all the essential SEO tools to convert your business for the better. 

Here we have a collection of 25 amazing Free and easy to access tools that you can use to leverage your marketing strategy:-

#1: Google Pagespeed Insights

#2: Moz Local Listing Score

#3: Keywordtool.io

#4: Google Analytics

#5: Google Search Console

#6: Ahrefs Backlinks Checker

#7: Moz Link Explorer

#8: Google Keyword Planner

#9: The Incognito Window – Google Chrome Web Browser

#10: Google Trends

#11: Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

#12: SEO Web Analyzer

#13: Google SERP Simulator

#14: Schema Creator

#15: SimilarWeb

#16: SERProbot

#17: XML Sitemaps

#18: Browseo

#19: SEO SiteCheckup

#20: Yoast SEO

#21: Linkminer

#22: Google Business Review Link Generator

#23: Copyscape

#24: Robots.txt Generator

#25: Structured Data Testing Tool

Google Pagespeed Insights

First, we have in our bucket is Google PageSpeed Insights which let you check the speed of your website and it’s usability for multiple devices. All you have to do is enter the URL of the desired website and it will help you know the page load time and website performance for desktop as well as mobile. Moreover, it will help you know the areas of improvement and all the good things which are working for the betterment of your marketing strategy. If you are in search of some alternatives for the tool then you can easily go for Pingdom and WebPageTest.

Moz Local Listing Score

Now, this is something that can help you know about your local business presence in the virtual world. Moz works by collecting the information from 10 of the reputed and reliable online sources like Google and Facebook to rate your business about its online presence. It shows you the clear reports for all the incomplete listings that are required to be worked for effective results.


Are you trying to find the keywords that you can include in your SEO strategy to get a dominant impression of your business in the niche? This tool can let you know about all the keyword suggestions that relate to your business keyword. All you need to do is enter a keyword and this tool will bring you an entire list of long tail keyword including the possible opportunities in regard to search volume and traffic. Also, it lets you reach the related questions asked with the keyword for working on a better SEO plan. The alternatives for this tool could be considered as Ubersuggest and answer the public.

Google Analytics

For a successful marketing plan implementation, it becomes very crucial to understand the insights for searches and web statistics. Google Analytics not only just help you know the traffic coming to your website but also provides the details for the keywords which people use to land on your web pages. All you have to do is go through some easy steps i.e. clicking on acquisition to enter into search console. There you can reach into queries and acquisitions to find campaigns containing the list of organic keywords. Some of the alternatives that you can reach for Google Analytics include click, open web analytics.

Google Search Console

The search console could help you track the consistently of website with alerts and report of errors. These tools could help you get the insights into the perception of search engine for your website. They let you know about any bugs as well as indexing errors on your website to present your business better on the web.

However, the use of these tools needs you to add the code to your website. Suppose you have a website which is designed over WordPress, then to access the webmaster you have to add the code using plugins like Yoast and jetpack.

Ahrefs Backlinks Checker

If you are looking for an ideal tool that can help you with a comprehensive analysis of all the links you have, this tool from Ahrefs could let you know about 100 top links in its free trial version. The tool lets you know about the number of links as well as domain and URL rating where required and applicable.

If you are more of a rookie to the SEO thing, all you need to do is work on a pro plan that is entering the domain of your top competitors to know about all the possible opportunities that you can have for an extra reputed link.

Moz Link Explorer

Are you looking for the overview of your website targeting for pages and links? You can access the free version of the link explorer to get the full link analysis that is the list of strongest links your way and the pages which you have linked the most.

Google Keyword Planner

The most significant part of working on an effective SEO plan is to know and understand the requirements of the users i.e. what they search for. Google keyword planner could help you know the required information for a keyword such as a search volume, competition and all the terms related to the keyword which you have not even considered.

The Incognito Window – Google Chrome Web Browser

If you are unaware of the fact, let us tell you that you can use the power of Google Chrome in an incognito window to know all the beneficial autofill options for your SEO strategy. This can be of great advantage to your keyword research because incognito does not consider all the custom search data which you have stored in your browser. You can use the incognito window to know the position or ranking of your business for a particular keyword.

Google Trends

If you need to find the relative search popularity for a particular keyword or topic, Google Trends could help you know all the popular terms of search. This can be very useful to uncover the search variation among multiple products on web depending upon popularity. So, if you want to know the relative popularity of a particular service to optimize your marketing strategy, you can easily compare the multiple terms.

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

This tool could help you to get all the metrics for Google searches and web pages. This tool can let you know about the traffic for every webpage each month. It includes the detail of keyword for which the page ranks as well as the backlinks etc. so if you want to know the traffic or search volume, CPC and difficulty level for a keyword used in Google searches. If you need an effective alternative for the tool, you can go for Mozbar.

SEO Web Analyzer

If you are in need to get the on-page analysis of your website, SEO web analyzer could let you do that. It can help you uncover the issues related to alt tags missing for images, structure error in headings, and page bloat issues. Two best alternatives for this tool can be SEO analyzer and Hubspot website grader.

Google SERP Simulator

This tool can help you get the preview of your website in Google searches. Google SERP simulator can help you get the idea of Meta tags i.e. title and description appearance before you publish them actually. This tool works for both desktop and mobile as well as find you truncation issues with instant fixing options.

Schema Creator

If you need to empower your website to be customized for appearing in search engine results, you can take benefit or schema creator. This tool allows you to create the custom code so that your business information like reviews, organization details, should be displayed in a way that you want it to appear for users. When you are done with the custom code you can simply paste into the website.


SimilarWeb can help you get the stats for any domain you want to search. You can use this tool to know the traffic on your website. This can help you know the important information like the location of traffic, traffic sources and so on. You can have a great benefit of this tool if you want to go for competitor research.


SERProbot can let you know your website ranking for your top five keywords. All you need to do is add a website and enter the five keywords for which you want to know the rankings. This can also help you know the ranks for your competitor’s websites.

XML Sitemaps

Need to build sitemap? XML sitemaps is a perfect tool to work on it. To use this tool, you need to add website URL and optional parameters. The tool will create a sitemap which you can upload to webmaster or search console from Google for even up to 500 pages.


Browseo let you see your website the way it appears on the search engine. All you have to do is add your website and see your website the way web spiders see it. This tool can let you know the hierarchy of your business site.

SEO SiteCheckup

SEO SiteCheckup can let you do the auditing of your website for technical and on page issues. This tool works by auditing the website, learning about the accuracy of tags and surfacing as well as any errors that may come up.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO brings the suggestions that can help to optimize website pages, and blogs. All you need to do is enter the target keyword which you need to include in your blog post so that Yoast could let you know the modification that you can do in the content for easy crawling by search engines to show on the top.


Linkminer lets you know about all the broken links with your site. This tool is just another extension for the chrome that lets you know the status of HTTP links. It highlights the broken links with red so that you can build the links for an improved online presence.

Google Business Review Link Generator

This tool helps you create the link which your users could access for adding a review to your business. A review can be of great value for local SEO strategy. The tool lets you create the shareable links that you can send to multiple customers for reviewing your business.


Copyscape prevents you from adding duplicate content on your website. You just have to enter the URL of the web page or blog to know the online presence of similar content. So, if you need to know the reasons for your website content to lag behind, this tool can help you bring your SEO tactics in the right direction.

Robots.txt Generator

Robot.txt generator allows you to make the search engine know about the pages which you want to skip by the search engine. This tool lets you add the robot.txt files so that web robots could know what to do with your website. If you have some kind of malware issues with your website or page, in such case your command for robot.txt could be ignored as a case of an exception.

Structured Data Testing Tool

Structured Data Testing Tool helps in giving direction to all the information shared on your website. This tool gets the live data to validate the web page for structured data. You can also use the code added on the page to check the structure data or your website.

So, if you are in need of a strong marketing strategy which is combined with all the perfect SEO tools, you can take benefit of these tools. Though there are hundreds of tools, plugins, and spreadsheets that can be used to work on digital marketing plan of your business website, the above tools could bring a huge difference to online exposure. The list of above tools either has only those names which can benefit you to the best either if you are using a free version instead of paying for them. If you are planning to empower your SEO plan to create a dominating impression of your counterparts, you can take full benefit of them.

All the best!!