12 Paid Tools that Guarantee the Success of Your PPC Campaign

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12 Paid Tools that Guarantee the Success of Your PPC Campaign

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Although the web is full of free PPC tools, sometimes, free tools aren’t enough. For enterprise PPC or for even tougher tasks like optimization of the landing page, paid tools to become a necessity so as to make an impact. These tools might appear to be a little costly but ultimately they end up paying for themselves through drastically improved results.

Moreover, since all the paid tools offer the benefit of free trials, there are little chances of risk. Following are some must-have paid tools for the success of your PPC campaign.

Bid Management Tools

If you happen to manage more than one PPC account, the presence of a bid management tool is crucial. They will save you both – time and money.

Following are the most sought bid management tools:

  1. Marin Software
  2. DC Storm
  3. Acquisio
  4. Kenshoo

Competitive Intelligence Tools

To know more about the keywords at which your competitors are bidding and to get an estimate about how much they’re paying, a competitive intelligence tool is a must so that all that info can be in your hand without much effort. Given below are some of the best tools used nowadays for competitive intelligence:

  1. Visual Website Optimizer – This landing page optimization tool can create multiple landing pages for testing purposes without any need for coding.
  2. Supermetrics – You can never create good-looking reports in Excel or Google Docs? Supermetrics can surely help you with that at a very affordable rate.
  3. Next Analytics – This Excel plugin can be used to download or analyze data and create reports. It can also create dashboards with data from social media.
  4. CallRail – If you use click-to-call or if a large volume of your sales come through phone, CallRail can measure the impact of click-to-call ads and even track them.
  5. Bizible – Bizible can be used to combine AdWords and Google Analytics data with SalesForce so as to bring your marketing efforts and lead nurturing system close.

Other Important Tools

  1. Screaming Frog – It is usually believed to be an SEO tool, but you can also use it for PPC to map and gap in e-commerce accounts. Screaming Frog helps you to see those links that will be promoting your shopping campaigns or your product listing ads. The free version of this tool allows only 500 links but the paid version can allow unlimited links.
  2. Basecamp – Basecamp isn’t just a PPC tool, it’s a project management software. It’s extremely useful for coordinating PPC projects across the team. While working with an enterprise-level client, Basecamp can help to keep everyone accountable and equally involved and overrules any possibility of mismanagement and miscommunication.
  3. ClickTime – Time tracking has been a necessary evil for every PPC agency for a long time. One can use ClickTime as a real-time tracking solution as it provides a simple and cloud-based interface to enter time from almost any internet-connected device. ClickTime thus solves a major problem of working on a specific task without actually keeping track of it.

Paid tools can appear to be a bit expensive but in reality, they repay their worth multiple times once we start using them. We, at DigitalMobz, are a firm that can provide world-class solutions for PPC, online advertising and AdWords management. Our expert services have helped hundreds of clients of various realms to realize the true worth of their business. Call us anytime to get a ‘Free Quote’ on our services.