Ways To Make Money From A Website In 2019

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March 13, 2019
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Ways To Make Money From A Website In 2019

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Many people believe that making money through a website is a big myth, but actually, it isn’t. It can be done by anyone. It is fast becoming a fad that people are turning to full-time income generating profession through blog and website which they once started just as a hobby. All you need here is a bit of luck and some hard work.

Strategies answered: Here profit is enormous if you follow the strategies explained here. To say the least, you can cover enough for your basic expenses for a hosting and domain. You should consider that the strategies listed below are very easy to follow and passive. Before following the keys to success blindly, make sure that they suit your work pattern, lifestyle and business plan.

Now let’s discuss the most popular ways on how to monetize websites or domain. But remember that it does not matter whether you have created a blog or a website, you can use the following steps and proceed towards your goal effectively. The following strategies are your best bet to get started.

  • Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing one of the most common and also the quickest ways to make money from websites or blogs. You can start by finding out the product you like or would recommend. Then, you endorse and promote the product on your blog or site so that your site visitors and email subscribers notice them and spread the word further. The product resonates with the needs and preference of your visitors; they will click on the affiliate link and this way you can earn while getting the split of the sale price.

The commission here could be a minimum 10 percent to as high as 80 percent or more. Look for products for promotion in these following sites.

  1. Clickbank: High percentage of pay-out over selective products.
  2. ShareAsale: Deals with clothes, accessories and various other offline products.
  3. Commission Junction: Offers reliable products and on-time payments.

  • Pay per click advertising: AdSense is another key to monetize a site. AdWords are the advertisements that feature on the top of Google search results page, while AdSense is the reverse, that allows bloggers, website owners and publishers to have access into Google’s enormous advertising network so that advertisers can run ads on their websites. This is the simplest method of monetizing a site.

Functioning method: Once signed up, you will get a code on your website from Google. This code will identify the content of your site and begin featuring related advertisements. For example, if your site deals with domestic pets, Google AdSense will show your visitors ads on dog and cat and their training and other related issues. You get paid each time a visitor clicks on the ad. The rate can be $1 to $5 per click. Make sure your site has enough traffic and you can earn hundreds of dollars per month pretty easily.

Apply rule: Before applying to Google AdSense, make sure that your blog or site follows the latest terms and conditions set by them. Google has very strict rules, so it is hard to get and stay connected with them. But if your case is approved, then nothing like it.

  • Sell ad space: You can simply sell out the ad space on your website or blog to companies that are looking to sponsor different initiatives. You can come up with a price for each space. For example, sidebar banner will cost around $250 per month. You get paid on the basis of the visitors you get. Generally, it is quoted as a dollar amount per one thousand impressions. If the website or the blog gets 100000 per month, you get around $500 bucks.

Why ad space sell approach beneficial: The good thing about this approach is that you get streams of visitors from different sources. The rates of an ad may go up based on the traffic. BuySellAds is the most popular space where you let everybody know that you are selling ad space.

Sell your digital merchandise: You have the potential to make a high amount of money on a per sale basis when you can sell directly your product. There is no middle man or person between you and your buyer who can claim the cut-price from the sale. This approach is simply straightforward as you can simply sell the products directly from your website.

Creating good products require a lot of time and resources like design, content, etc. There is a lot of hidden costs involved in both the amount of time spent and the contractors to work with. Selling your own products on your website can lead to various issues like payment gateways and taxes. You need a well designed, persuasive landing page to ensure that your merchandise has a strong conversion rate.

  • Donation from visitors: You can follow this simple approach of asking your visitors to donate. Accepting donations is not a fast way to wealth, but the process can help you cover various expenses in a short span of time if people like what you have to say and that resonates with their ideology.

For example: PayPal offers little donation buttons that take only a few minutes to get your site added to their network. This offers you a quick way to recoup what you might spend on new product creation, a good web hosting, research and all of the other costs to produce an active and healthy blog.

  • Benefits of sponsored articles and posts: One of the most common ways to increase your funds online is to up the number of visitors to your site. Once you have put enough efforts to build steady traffic to your site with a group of engaged visitors, there are a few different ways to monetize your hard work. For example, many firms go out of their way to search blogs that feature their sponsored content. Native advertising like this works well as it lines up with your page’s primary content it comes across as transparent and relevant.
  • Generate lead for firms: One should remember that business thrives on leads that come to the door to inquire about products and services. It is no surprise that companies are always on the lookout for new leads and creative ways for their business to grow.

For example, If you have a website about Spanish teaching, your readers’ information such as email id and phone number would be of great value to different online schools that are looking to sell their products to eager and proactive students. This way, if you learn to make a connection between two parties and help them benefit from each other, then you earn a portion of their profit for yourself. GlobalWideMedia, Peerfly, MaxBounty are some of the channels where you can build such networks and earn sufficient profits.

  • Work on your email list: In order to boost your business through websites and blogs, one should spend time reading varieties of blogs on the subject. You will come across that people saying, “the money is in the email list”.

How it works: Try to take a good look at your email list and find who are the most loyal readers of your blogs. The objective should be to turn as many as strangers possible to passionate followers of your content. It goes without saying that it is a time consuming and lengthy process. But this is one of the best ways to turn your website into a money-making machine. Don’t spam the readers’ email with unsolicited offers because this might drive them away from your blog. Try to earn their trust and make a long-term plan with them.

  • Build an e-commerce website and work hard: Websites are not just about contents. There are millions of e-commerce sites and online stores. You need to ensure that your site is unique in a certain way and has got a number of niche visitors. You should follow the latest marketing strategies to stand out from the crowd.
  • Flip your websites: There is a market for your site, always. This means that if you have built a website and sold a few products already, you can continue to do so to make money. But selling the site might not be everyone’s cup of tea. So, it is not advisable for everybody. But you cannot deny that it is a very lucrative venture. If you calculate that by selling ad space on your site, you can earn around $500 per month. But on the other hand, you can earn up to $ 10,000 if you sell the site. Also, you can sell readymade sites.

Now let’s find now the authentic places where you can sell your sites and earn payment.

Flippa, We Buy Websites, FE international are some of the avenues where you can sell your sites.

But all the above pieces of advice and suggestions are just about scratching the surface. If you want to dig to the details of learning the methods to earn money through your blogs and sites, you have to follow these tips.

  1. Avoid selling text link ads: You believe it or not; there is still a demand for text link ads. But people often forget to consider that this is of violation of Google’s terms and conditions. To avoid it, you simply keep the ‘nofollow.’
  2. Set up infolinks: These are a great alternative to AdSense advertisements. They are very simple to build. But they are not high in converting, and the payment on each click basis is pretty small.
  3. Try to utilise monetization widgets: Monetization widgets are also very similar to Google AdSense. Therefore, they are worth trying out.
  4. Distribute premium content for extra bucks: In case you are producing original, mind-blowing and awesome content that you have a steady flow of visitors, you should always try asking the readers to pay for the good content. But don’t ask visitors to pay right away, rather stay focused on getting the number of visitors increased first.
  5. Start a private group: All of us have unique skills that can benefit us in a major way. Organizing a forum or classes is the easiest way to help others and generate income simultaneously. It can be a group to teach math skills to students or language learning forum. This way you can cater not only to students but also hundreds of sincere people looking for avenues to learn new skills. You can promote your business through the dedicated group of yours and even generate recurrent income from regular ads.
  6. Develop a job board: Setting up a job board on your site is another easy way to collect additional funds for your business. Approach different companies to allow their vacancies to be featured on your website and this way you can get paid. Also, job aspirants are always on the lookout for a decent page where they get to know about various vacancies at one go. Payment on the basis of per click can be gained through this process. Once you get a trusted group of visitors for your site, the income becomes regular.
  7. Offer consulting: You can earn a decent amount of money by offering consulting gigs and services. When other forms of passive revenue take some time to build up, this is a very useful option to go ahead. You can easily offer these services via email or the online groups you have already created and even on platforms like Skype.
  8. Include “hire me” button on your website: There no other space online, but your site or blog, to feature your freelancing services. Showcasing samples of past work will also greatly impact visitors’ views. This way, you can increase the chance of getting recruited and boost your income.
  9. Give internet pages on rent or sell them: This is not a very common practice. But you never know, what purchasers are looking for across the internet. You might just get lucky and put pages on rent or sell them directly. There is nothing like it if you can grab the attention of rich entrepreneurs.
  10. Go for pop-up ads: Yes, we all know that pop-up advertisements can be really annoying, but this is a great source to make some extra bucks.
  11. Start using content lockers: This is a brilliant way to safeguard or protect your content. Nothing, including good contents, do not come for free. So, if you use content locking system, certain pieces of your page get hidden or protected until the visitor takes initiative to redeem it. The initiatives include paying a small amount of money or perhaps click on the advertisements.
  12. Display audio ads: Audio advertisements are new to the market, but they are increasingly becoming popular by the day. These ads are really promising in terms of generating some extra income.
  13. E-book selling: This is one the easiest and convenient way to boost your income online. Selling e-books is a no brainer. All you have to do is to find out what sort of e-book you would want to sell and then go for it. You can opt for a mini recipe book or a personalized book on travel stories. It can also be based on child rearing or household tips. But before launching an e-book selling programme, make sure you have the perfect audience. Understanding their choice is very important before heading for such an initiative.
  14. Create your network outside web world: Now, this is very important. In this era of internet, people put less emphasis on the world outside and channelize entire of their focus to the virtual platform. But if you can remember, messages spread mouth to mouth also has its importance. Building personal rapport over face to face communication still holds prime importance. So, try to communicate to folks around you and inform them about your website and work. The results could be overwhelming.
  15. Sell programme, consultation: If you have the brain, sell it. If you have the expertise, make people pay for it. Selling of sheer teaching values, technical expertise, writing skills, soft skills, language skills, counseling tips, and legal assistance among others always have the market. There is no dearth of it. Host paid online programmes where visitors can get their required learning courses in exchange for a decent payment. Hosting paid webinars, online classes and training programmes are becoming popular. Also, you can share your programme, content, and expertise to the online agencies that are looking for quality courses to be offered or featured on their own platforms.
  16. Build membership site: One should learn to differentiate between their type of visitors. Once you get a number of niche visitors and you are totally aware about their preferences, then start a membership site for them so that you can maintain a long-lasting bond with them and also generate a steady income by offering them the services they need. This space should entirely separate for the on and off and first-time visitors.
  17. Offer lucrative coupons: This will not be an exaggeration that people across the web world are constantly looking for promo codes and offers. Try to take the benefit of this coupon demand. Promo codes and coupon offers are applicable to everything, be it travel tickets to clothes, shoes or electronic gadgets. If you can connect the visitors with the affiliate links of the promo codes and offers, you get brilliant cut profits.
  18. Writing gig offers: Those who have the mastery of three or four international languages have nothing to worry about. They can offer superb writing gigs and can earn money very easily. You can rate anything between $30 to $500 depending on the type of article and service you are delivering. Writing for established firms, individuals or start-up initiatives can be very profitable.
  19. Follow seniors: This is another simplest yet most effective ways to build your business in the internet world. Try to gather information about the successful businesses and people that made their wealth by selling their brain and expertise online. Learn about their strategies. Try to figure out what changes or inclusions you need to improve your own profile. All these tips help you grow.
  20. Be patient: There is no alternative to being patient. The sphere making money through your own blog or website is not an overnight matter. It requires a lot of patience and hard work. It needs a fair amount of time to develop trust and bond with the people around the web world. So do not lose heart if you cannot make it a success story instantly. Learn about the pros and cons of the business and then move accordingly.

There are multiple website builders on the virtual platform. For this year, WordPress.Com, Squarespace.Com among others are working brilliantly, and they are very much relevant to a wide array of work and services. But at the same time, many offers are restricted in the free plans, especially selling ads or products.

Conclusion: One should remember that increased traffic does not ensure increased income; it depends on a lot of factors such as quality content and ad placements among others. So, try to get a detailed understanding of all these factors while dealing with your online business. Also, don’t be scared to try different things. Because one does not work for some, might work for another. So, keep experimenting with different topics. Changing and testing your current method on a regular basis keeps room for fresh ideas and also make your blog successful in terms of monetization.

Many people find it difficult to choose between a website or personal blog. The key is to stick to the one that makes you comfortable going ahead with your business. There are no clear-cut rules for anybody. So, you have to be open to different ideas and pieces of advice. Choose the one suits both you and your visitors’ needs and preferences. Monetizing websites or blogs is a fun initiative altogether if you know how to press the right buttons.