Establishing A Brand Name: A Crucial Step to Foster Business Growth

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December 25, 2018
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Establishing A Brand Name: A Crucial Step to Foster Business Growth

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Building a business legacy is not a one day game, it takes years of strategies and massive investments. It can be easily interpreted from the biggest names in business either it is biggest online business Alibaba, Retailer king Walmart, furniture tycoon IKEA or the most familiar technological names like Apple, Google, and Samsung. Though all these hard working business owners spent years to build their brand their choice of brand name was something which actually hit the audience at first go. All these names sound so fun and easy to hear that they became the part of our routine conversations. Thus, the business name is something which is the ultimate connector between the business and the customer. So, if you want your business startup to survive for decades make sure you work on finding a catchy name and a perfect logo that can compliment your services


When you have a plethora of options, it gets quite obvious to get through the hassle of building a brand that can get into every home reaching the heart and mind of customers. Though you there is no specific procedure to create a reputed brand, every entrepreneur could gradually build a reputation that can efficiently capture the position of a recognized brand with just a choice of name that connects. So, your choice of name can be the matter of your dream empire’s destiny because your brand name is the first thing you share with every customer.

Value, Belief, And Emotion

A great brand name is something which can define the values, beliefs, and position of your business arbitrary. A wise choice made to the name can help to define your business vision to investors and consumers because it helps reflect the relevance of your service to them. Therefore you should try to approach a name which can not only help in showing your concern for the customer but also helps to develop a sensible connection with them. The emotional relation can play a vital role in the fact that customers stay associated with a name which is truly dedicated and sincere towards them.

Logo and Tagline

Just like the way bad names makes a person feel no emotion and concern to a brand, a good name complimented with a perfect logo can help make people passionate about your business. It can also help you take leads over your counterparts even when they are delivering a similar service. It should be a name which holds a creative approach and a unique idea just like Amazon which has a logo that connects A to Z symbolizing their huge range of products for multiple categories. A similar example can be automotive leaders like Ferrari and Lamborghini which have developed as giants because of their creative logo design. They have also used some strong taglines to create a better mark just like Lamborghini says, “’transfer value of creative, free-living style”. The words could clearly show the intent and essence of their products. So your brand is actually a perfect amalgamation of your name, logo, and tagline which all complement your business and communicate with customers.

Strong Domain

Once you are done with finding a name, designing a logo and choosing a powerful tagline, it is the time to get a domain name. When you are about to acquire a domain, it gets easier to find one for your brand name made up of unique words. So, you have to go for a little play and creativity to get a domain which talks for your business.

The Final Moves

Planning for a great business which can rule in your niche, you have to align the name, domain, tagline and most significantly your visuals I.e. logo. So when you are about to enter into an industry which already has some established brands, you should start up with a focus on name, logo, and tagline which can go well along your venture and future plans. Though your logo design must be done with the use of colors that can be recognized and stand out from the bucket full of brands when presented in front of customers.

Closing Words

Therefore, to establish communication through your business, it is necessary that your choice of name, logo, domain, and tagline should show a story because your business sustainability entirely depends on these factors. Having a strong and reputed brand name will help you promote through every person associated with your brands such as investors, employees, and customers. Thus, your customized business strategy should necessarily aim for a brand label which can help drive a great success. Your name is your business design which helps in building a bond that makes customers feel honor and gratification sharing an association with your business ambition.

Good luck!