Top Three Factors to Rank Your Business with Local SEO

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February 22, 2019
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April 2, 2019

Top Three Factors to Rank Your Business with Local SEO

Local SEO Ranking

When it comes to buying products online most of the people who use mobile for shopping prefer to choose those services which are relevant to their location. The introduction of technology has reduced the chances of displaying your business at every event using your business cards. When most of the people running short on time I need to get everything on the fingertips, it becomes very natural to have a well-optimized website that could attract local customers.

Though people are informed about the idea of local SEO, Most of them have no or very little idea about the factors that need to be focused. So when you’re planning to get your business ranked on GMV GMB make sure you stick with these three factors to success.

1. Relevance
2. Distance
3. Prominence

The best part of targeting these three factors is that they let you take a position in the top three search results or Google rich cards. But before you start to take advantage of Google My Business (GMB) for your business it is very crucial that you must claim here GMB page.

Even though you can try thousands of marketing things to promote your business, local SEO is a single powerful tool that lets you create an impeccable impression for your newly established local business. This is also true for the brands that are operating across multiple nations and want to align with the search queries and needs of local audiences shared over the web.

Seek Relevance

The staple need for any business that wants credibility from Google is to have relevance in their GMB page and this can only be done when you actually work on what customers are looking for them.

Here we bring you a few steps that can help you achieve relevance over your GMB presence.

Land for the right category

Make sure you choose the right business category for your business. For example, you can share your specialization by choosing “oral health care” rather than just “cosmetic dentistry”.

Add A Business Description And Practice Areas

Google lets you present your business amongst the users on the web with descriptions that can be as long as 1000 words. So you can give a try to use all the space by using keywords which are relevant to your practice areas or services.

Complete And Genuine Information

Make sure you focus on maintaining the NAP consistency when working to create your business profile, this should include a name, address, and phone number which must be consistent all over the web.

Actually, the entire target behind the relevance is to make your profile visible with more complete information. It lets you work on your business services and area of practice so that Google can take your business to a perfect audience.

The Intent for Location Searches

Google actually helps the business to reach a user which is closer to the area of service and it is one of the significant factors that affect your local SEO rankings.

Though you may have nothing much to do on your part you can still design relevant location-based landing pages so that they could be linked to the sources on the web as well as GMB for higher relevance to searcher’s intent. Some of the things which can be worked for better distance based customer targeting can be:

High Volume Keyword

Find a keyword which you think has a great volume for the intent of users looking for services similar to your business. For instance, you can pair your “carpet cleaning” business with more clear location intent using “carpet cleaning Staten Island.”

Landing Page

A great effort which you can give a try to seek more attention is to get a separate keyword oriented landing page on your website.

Using Keyword

When you have a keyword or phrase which you think can help you take leads for your business, you can include the same in the headings, page title, metadata, and even the image attributes.

NAP Consistency

Make sure you never forget to add the name address and phone number on GMB to your website.


You can also use the keyword or phrase for which you are targeting on the permalink of your webpage where you want an audience to reach. This may look as;

Prominence for Better Sales

One thing which can really create a distinction between the various businesses delivering similar services is how reputed & reliable the firm is. However, the idea of improved business prominence could be phased in so many ways which are part of both SEO plan as well as profile set up.


Make sure you aim to add images on your Google My Business (GMB) and more necessarily a greater number of images than your competitors.


Try to get maximum reviews on your GMB as well as other relevant sources that may give a count to prominence. However, you have to ensure that you only have genuine reviews on your website and not the solicited ones.

Seek Offline Prominence

The idea behind Google’s considerations to rank a business good on local searches is very similar to that in the real world. So your efforts to develop your business as a brand in the offline world can actually let you reach the heights in the virtual world.

Links and Citations

This is another important part of creating a dominant impression of your business in your area. You can get your NAP over high authority websites through citation building and creating strong links to high DA/PA websites.

Some important things which you need to aim for your startup firm along with above points include:

  1. To have a staffed business location and no vacant space to get the address.
  2. There must be no virtual staff.
  3. No sharing of the Office location. (Coworking space, shared space) as it can lead to filtering issues and does not let your business stand apart from rest.
  4. Permanent boards and signs are visible on street view maps.

The Closing Thoughts

The idea to attain the top ranking in the local area search results can be a very interesting thing to work. It is not just about the above three factors but a right knowledge of all the SEO tools and tactics that let you overarching the local search results. When you a great SEO Strategy for running campaigns aligned with all the factors that can impact your ranking, it can help you show on the top with an effective and strong GMB impression. So make sure you never forget to count on relevance, location intent, and business prominence while working on top local SEO result positions.

All the best!