Why Content Matters in SEO?

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February 10, 2019
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Why Content Matters in SEO?


Most of the people face the dilemma of distinguishing between SEO and content marketing. However, they are closely related to each other but they are actually the two rails that can lead the train your business to your desired destination. Simply, they both run parallel to each other and are completely into each other. SEO is a broader term which has so many on-page and off-page tasks to do but they all involve the use of content.

For instance, the use of keywords in the Meta tags, GMB description, and website content is all about content that can promote your business. Moreover, content marketing is actually the use of content that can promote your business but it needs SEO strategies to reach the target audience and seek relevant results. So it can be easily concluded that SEO and content marketing blend into each other and actually overlap to develop results with coherence.

There may be some people who believe that content marketing could alone do the work but it is completely impossible as the only way to make your content bring success is effective SEO that can take it to right people. Though there was some work presented in the past which stated that Google has started focusing on a new kid called content marketing and has got tired of a friend called SEO. But when you start to think more practically, both SEO and content marketing are more of a single thing that can be united by a broader term called digital marketing. Yes, it cannot be denied that they are different but they can never be separated from each other. Therefore, the features of the two could be converged as the endeavor of content marketing applied to SEO and use of SEO techniques to implement content marketing.

Aligning SEO with Content Marketing

One more way in which you could connect SEO and content marketing is that they complete each other as if SEO generates demands, they are fulfilled by the marketing. Here we bring you some amazing ideas that can help you related SEO and content marketing in a better way.

  • SEO Content needs

SEO needs content for driving the goals related to sales, conversions, traffic etc. which includes articles, keywords. So it would no err to say that SEO only needs effective content while content marketing is all about the content which is used in a practical manner for marketing.

  • Keywords

The most significant part of SEO is keywords which are researched and then utilized to attain the rankings in SERPs. But if you are concerned about the application of keywords, content can do that and it is called content marketing. However, it is quite natural that panda may hunt you for too many keywords used in content but SEO and content marketing establish a harmony to fetch perfect results.

  • Seeking the Linkbacks

One of the essential factors on which SEO aims is the linkbacks. But this can be easily achieved only when you have the right approach to content marketing. However, it can be done with the help of link building agencies which may not be as good when it comes to reputation. Therefore, the best way to achieve good links is to publish content which is absolutely relevant. So if you want to target for this part of a solid SEO plan, you have to work on crucial content needs.

  • UX and Technical Optimization

SEO is not just about content which involves the use of keywords, articles, blogs, and website content. It needs the right use of robots.txt, Meta tags, and alt tags on the website that helps to develop a site map. The technical optimization also helps to create websites which are good for searches, selection and reading content, which enhance the user experience or UX. So right SEO can help you promote your content with sitemaps that help in easy access of content, robots.txt for better crawling, and tags for right indexing and overall they help to attract more good readers to your website.

  • The Consistency

Google is always in need of good content as it is easily indexed and reaches the top of the SERPs more quickly. The fresh content helps to establish an authority that enables your website to boost the SERP ranking. Therefore, it becomes very natural to have a demand for content that can benefit good SEO. Regular updating of content which is unique and fresh helps you to get consistent outputs which may last forever if you don’t miss on SEO, Google SEO conditions and proficient use of content.


In the end, we would like to converge both SEO and content marketing to be an inseparable part of each other. If you are an SEO expert, you need content and if you are a person who aims for content marketing, the need for SEO is something inevitable. Moreover, if you are not working to integrate content marketing into SEO campaigns they may simply fail because of content deficiency. Your plan for content marketing can only succeed when you target for SEO features and vice versa. So, if you think they are two different things which are important to be followed, try collaborating them and you will see a blast on the web that is all favors on your side.